Analyse filmique Gilles Tinayre

Descriptif de la rubrique
Film analysis Gilles Tinayre president of the UCMF Union of Composers of Film Music between 2005 and 2009, in charge of the MUSIC OF FILMS 2 in MAI Nancy where I was accepted in the 4 after interview with him and director of MAI by Skype in april 2016 : then I was directly in the 1st session newly created in 2016 of "Write, be played" : we are 4 in this first promo : MAI Music Academy International Nancy associated Berklee College Music exclusivity program Nancy by distance 3 months between november 2016 and february 2017 "Musical production" by distance from Köln (Belgium quarter Marco Thurau DJ collaboration in progress Vinyle+ Sacem aids demand for concerts live in 2017-2018) , Bristol (Ronnnie Christopher Doyle and Lucianne L Lasalle from Stelar Stapes studios acoustic 1rst record piano in november 2016 and Sacem demand financial aids for CD and suit record studios in progress for 2017-2018) and from Brest Ouest Master for orchestral and choirs acoustic studies