Hans Zimmer Master Class online [Publié le 2017-04-06 01:44:32]

Bon anniversaire ce jour du jeudi 06 avril 2017, à Mathieu Boulier, mon frère qui est né un 06 avril , et à qui j’envoie ce morceau d’une compositrice de musique de film Rachel Nusbaumer que j’aime bien écouter en déplacement depuis le début de l’année entre Cologne, Bristol, Nancy, Paris et Brest.


 Sun this morning 06/04/2017 in Brest. Footing / photos at 13h30 at beach plage du Moulin blanc and jardin botanique stang alar after have posted this morning 3 records and others pdf written and arranged with my piano students to be played by others musicans and instrumentists during my last courses with Finale 25 exported for pdf and mus. 2012 : mp3 too and small videos with their hands sent to their family and friends for the beginners 4-7 years old some of my young piano students have recorded this week to offer and make listen to their family. Next sessions 2 weeks before each small holidays , I make initiation to learn them how to write notes and rythms un Finale 2012 because I can export in Finale 2012 free software actualy from my Finale 25 and some of them have allready Finale 2012 or cheaper next september Finale 2015 half price in music stores.

see the section "Ecrire pour duo, trio et plus", the first pdf written this week in collaboration with my piano students beginners and confirmed arranged and programmed together for ini
I follow now the 1rst lesson of Hans Zimmer master class visibled access joigned connexions by Berklee College facebook friends group to continue by distance the high level "2nd Year MUSIQUES DE FILMS 2" first promo created this 201—2017 scholar year for "Ecrire , être joué" , with Gilles Tinayre director of program ( Gilles Tinayre is president od Union des Compositeurs de Musiques de Films" between 2005 and 2009) and second excellent high level teacher is kirsten Harrma, copyist high level in Finale of Alexandre desplats and gabriel yared who are annonced in our 4 students promo MAI Nancy (Hugo, françois, maxime and me) to be our presidents of jury. (Vladimir Cosma last year. Orchestral sessions in two weeks now for roch song session and trio session. And the next may and june sessions are reserved for orchestral sessions. We’ll have just 30 days between end of june and end of july to program quickly but perfectely in Finale, 2 scores with click in orchestral versions Finale pdf , with 2 exercices 4 minutes videos of films who have recentely been projected in cinema industry. If jury presidents Alexandre desplats and gabriel yared annonced this year are ok after advisors high quality and exprerience Gilles Tinayre and Kirsten Harma, it’s ok for us to continue to product next V2, V3, V4 for the last session in cine concert in october 2017 where we’ll be played in a concert place in nancy. End of the courses sessions 5 days per month since 2016 september , in june 2017.
So the best I have to do now is to teach the best I can for my 60 piano students in brest and I program in finale every days now their courses, their reductions from Philippe barbey lallia orchestral or trio scores from cinetrio.com , because it will train me like a sort of Marathon course to be a quick programmer in Finale like my 3 colleagues Hugo, François and Maxime who have obtained their 1rst year diploma last year in MAI MUSIQUES DE FILMS 1. I was directely accepted in 2nd year in may 2016. So now let’s go.I prepare to begin all the days arrangements in Finale for my piano students for future trios, duos, group an more in the future events in the next years with them here in Brest.


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