Thank you so much dear Jutta Roos for your bouzouki , uilean pipe and harp musical Kar ar steak - bourree video you have posted today 04 11 2015 on my facebook page in memory of our last irish and brittish correpondance musical collaborations and to fix our future live set next year in Deutchland during summer in with your acoustic friends musicians and perhaps in Brest one day or in France. My comment and Jutta Roos answor about this bouzouki, uilean pipe and harp video that Jutta posted today 04 11 2015 on my facebook page. [Publié le 2015-11-04 02:31:02]

 One of my old dream Jutta ! Thank you for your link you have posted today on my facebook page with the mention "mit Julien Boulier" : https://www.facebook.com/juttaroos/posts/589267977777671 Before beginning composing with virtual sounds and piano acoustic in 2006, I had worked with a praticed uilean pipe in C diese ebene during 10 years after have worked 5 years low whistle in "merisier" built by Peter Merbeth, and after have begun with tin whistles and overtons after my first travel in Ireland when i was adolescent (near Galway), in Aran Ireland and Sligo, Donegal and a fantastic place "Dogs Bay !!!" But I had never enough money to make build a real full uilean set !!! Chanter in D I can buy it, for sure with my very bad practice set uilean. But imposible to play this one in my apartment, my neighbours couldn’t support it. I would like play with you one day when I will go in Hamburg or your famlily house near Anerbach with your cousin "Maria Octavia". I will buy a new chanter in D I promess you. easier to accord ourselves with your magic bouzouki sound !!! I will take my low whistle with me, my overtons, my tin whistles, and for sure I promess you my very bad practice set for "tourist"  but with a new chanter in D. One day, it’s a dream, I will make build a real full uilean pipe set : but I know that it’s the price of a car !! and we have to wait for sometimes 7 , 8, or 9 years after the beginning of the command.... Thank you really Jutta for the wonderfull music in this video. Fantastic harp, stunning uilean pipe, and the beauty of the bouzouki sound. You are welcome with your friend and with Maria Octavia in Brest, you know that. And if you perhaps can’t come here in Brest next year, I know that by Maria Octavia, so I will go in Hamburg and perhaps we’ll can see together with Maria in your family house near Anerbach. I would like so much play our irish collaborations by internet and british "Rond de Loudeac" collaboration together in live in Deutschland with you and perhaps your musicains friends ? Bouzouki and low whistle. Bouzouki and uilean pipe practice with my future new chanter in D with your magical bouzouki sound.... from Brest, Julien. Say Hello for me to your friend and to F Maria Octavia

Jutta Roos answor today 04 11 2015 : " yes I also think we have to make it, maybe next year it will work out.. My bouzouki still stands in the corner since the death of my mother two years ago ! :(( But since a so long time I’m planing a session in the Eifel - we often made it in the 80s with a lot of irish musicians I played with. I’d like to listen to your whistle and uillean-pipes-playing live and I could imagine it perfectly would suit to my other three music-members, who play lots of instruments too. I’d also like to be together with Friederike and some other friends of me there ... : ) And yes, this trio here really is dreamlike - harp is an instrument I dreamed of in my youth, but then, very unexpected I became the owner of Foley’s bouzouki ...


Kas ar STeak - Bourre.

Kas ar steak - Bourre


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