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 Julien Boulier


Julien Boulier

6, rue Jules Guesde

29 200 Brest

Phone : (33) 9-81-93-43-62

Mobile phone : 06-69-42-50-47

Email : julienboulier71@gmail.com






- 1999 : I have passed to the “Concours d’Aptitude au Professorat des Ecoles” (primary

school teacher), directly recruited to work as substitute teacher on short and average


- 1998 : Diploma of “Fin d’études” for music (pass with honors) CNR(conservatoire

national de region de musique) of Caen

- 1995 : DEGREE in MODERN LITERATURE (University of CAEN)

- 1992 : A.A IN MODERN LITERATURE (University of CAEN)

- 1989 : A- LEVELS A1 (High school A. Fresnel of CAEN)

- 1986 : BREVET DES COLLEGES (Middle school of Sacré Coeur in CAEN)







Piano teacher in Brest (Brittany, France), Composer in artistic creations 2007- poste actuel


1. Music teacher :

- From 10/01/98 to 12/01/99 : Music school of Douvres la Délivrande (14) : Music

teacher (first year to 7th year)

- From 09/01/98 to 10/13 /98 : Music school of Bretteville sur Laize (50) : Assistant

for artistic teaching (4th year to 9th year, I conducted and accompanied the adults choir with


2. Literature teacher in middle school :

- From 03/10/97 to 03/29/97 : Middle school Saint-Joseph in Saint-lô (50) service 18/

18, I substituted for the teachers who attended a continuing education (6ème, 5ème,4ème), I acted

as narrator too.

- From 12/09/96 to 12/18/96 : Middle school Notre Dame de Carentan (50) service

18/18, I substituted for the teachers who were absent for sickness (6ème, 5 ème, 4 ème

technologique, 3ème).


3. Primary school teacher :

- From 11/08/99 to 08/31/00 : Octeville CLIS 1 (adapted teaching) option E, primary

school of Hameau Noblet, I worked as substitute teacher on short and average periods 100 %

district of Valognes (50). (directly recruited after admission on additional list of the entrance

exam “concours de Professeur des écoles” of session 2000).

- From 09/01/00 to 08/31/01 : Saint Lo (50), education in IUFM (Institut universitaire

de formation des maîtres) as PE2. (work-placement of responsibility in Tourville / Sienne

(CE1/CE2) and in Saint Sauveur Lendelin (nursery school : double level class).

- From 09/01/01 to 08/31/02 : La Haye du Puits (50), primary school le Chat Perché :

PE2 as assistant 100% service (CE1).


Julien Boulier




1. Activities : - 1 semester 2004 : in charge of a children choir during lunch time at school

Kérichen in Brest, in agreement with the extracurricular activities department and the town.

- 1993-1996 : Association « Conte... Raconte... en Côte de Nacre » (14)

(Narrator and in charge of music activities in schools and libraries)


2. Music

- 2003 2004 :


- Singer « baritone » ( quintus voice in the chorus n°2) in the choir Collegium


orpheum of Jean-Marc

Labylle ; this year, we performed “les Vêpres de Monteverdi”, and on 10th

June 0in the church

Of Saint Germain des Prés, together with another work in world première

conducted by Gérard Lesne and Jean-Marc Labylle.

- Singer as « tenor » in the adults choir of Laure Leyzour (songs from

Middle age to modern time and songs in several languages) at l’Ecole

Supérieure des Arts in Brest

- Singer as tenor in a Renaissance octet with old instruments (songs in

several languages from XVIth century).

- I have been playing the following instruments : Irish bagpipes (for 7 years) ;

low whislte (for 11 years) ;

tin whistle (for 16 years) ; upright piano and clavier yamaha ypp200 to

accompany the children and adults chorus

in the choirs.


- 1998 - 1999 : pedagogical workshop of Gilles Treille at CNR of Caen.


1998 : teaching for IM2 at C.N.R. and at the music school of Ifs in Caen (14)

- 1986-1989 : Caen Jazz Action (14) Workshop Martial Pardo (currently manager of

CNTRA Villeurbanne) : harmony and analysis lessons ; workshop Big Band for saxophone


- 1990-1992 : Choir of the Caen university (14)

Beginning and end of year concerts





- 1995-1996 : one pupil in the senior year

- 1997-1998 : 2 pupils in 5è


Julien Boulier



- 06/92 au 08/92 : Centre Leclerc d’Ifs in Caen (department manager)

- Summers 93, 94, 95 : Holyday center Nestlé France in Pontarlier (39) (diver and

accompanist of group leader).


-2003-2004 : preparation (continuing education) at Cned (Centre national d’enseignement

à distance) for Capes modern Literature and demands as French substitute teacher on

school time, registered as not priority on the list of non tenured employees of the Education

office of Rennes ; preparation for the session eligibility / admssion of May / June, 2004

for the DUMI (diplôme universitaire de musicien intervenant) at the CFMI (centre de

formation des musicians) of la Harpe in Rennes in order to carry out the Dumi continuing

education of Rennes in September, 2005 (the current project of the CFMI of Rennes is

to transform this class of salaried students in 3 years while allowing them to entry the

DUMI continuing education by the VAE (Validation of the Experiences) ; demands as

substitute teacher in music on the off school time (1st year to 9th year) in the music schools

of Brest and surroundings ; participates to training courses "music and dance in Brittany"

during weekends : pedagogy for teachers in music and musicians into schools (“Pédagogie

élémentaire de la voix” à l’ENM de Pontivy : Agnès Brosset ; “Accompagnement du piano

pour les chœurs” à l’ENM de Pontiny : Frédérique Lory ; “De l’oral à l’écrit et de l’écrit à

l’oral : chant grégorien” au CNR de Rennes, “approches de quelques modes, techniques

d’apprentissage et de mémorisation en groupe” ; Stage sur « les harmoniques dans les chœurs”

par Daï Nouri Choque à l’ENM de Douarnenez ; “Chants, Musiques et Danses de l’Inde du

Sud » au Quartz. de Brest ; participates to a harmony and writing course at the ENM (Ecole

nationale de musique) of Brest ; musical session in a nursery school within the framework

of a project : "writings, legends and musics of the world " ; session as conductor of

choir for a choir project "songs of the world" at Kérichen for the first semester 2004

(1 class of CE2 and 2 classes of CM1), with the agreement of Gérard Ferrec, inspector

for the district n° 6 and Miko Lelèze, from culture department of the town of Brest:t

editing of a booklet to participate in projects "music" of the schools in Brest as

approved outside stand-in.


-2003 : continuing education paid by the Saint-Lô ( 50 ) Accreditation agency until 2005, to

prepare Capes modern Literature at Cned while working in the fields where I have already

some professional experience ; demands in Low Normandy as literature substitute teacher

Urec (catholic teaching). Not eligible to Capes.

-1998 : contribution of the mental management pedagogy in music education

- 1994 : Stock Publishing (PARIS)

- 1996 : NURSERY SCHOOL : (nursery school of SAINT-AUBIN-SUR MER, 14)

- 1998 : CE1 (primary school les Tanneries in COUTANCES, 50)



- DFE (end of studies diploma) of Music teaching (pass with honors) at the C.N.R. of


-Car driver’s license.

-I have passed to the entrance exam for “professeur des écoles” (in June, 1999)

-Eligible to the entrance exam for “professeur des écoles” (in June, 1996, CAEN, 14)

-Eligible to the D.U.M.I. (In 1995 in Rennes)

-Eligible to the BEATEP (entrance exam for guide specialized in environment). (In 1992,



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