Mon album "A Film Not Yet Made" sorti sur le label Time Released Sound à San Francisco est disponible en 3 formats (Vinyle, CD, numérique)

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Mon album "A Film Not Yet made" sorti le dimanche 17 juin 2018 à San Francisco sur le label Time Released Sound est disponible en 3 formats (Vinyle / CD / numérique) sur le site Bandcamp de Time Released Sound


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My album "A Film not Yet Made" label Time Released Sound art director Colin Herrick on Universe records : related artists Brian Eno, Enigma, Vangelis, Tom Barabas, Sounds od Earth...  https://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=11486929












 Beautiful review from Jamie on july 10, 2018 at Norman Records for my album "A Film Not Yet Made" label Time Released Sound directeur artistique Colin Herrick :


"Ah, Time Released Sound. I was just thinking yesterday, it was about time we received one of these lovingly hand-stitched, collaged and fully-integrated-with-the-music works of art. So here’s the debut album from French pianist, teacher and composer Julien Boulier — and it’s a beauty, all twinkly, genteel and sprinkled with stardust.

Boulier has categorically pulled a blinder here — his gorgeous, slowly rhythmic and highly melodic playing echoes the soft pull and push of gently swelling tides just out to sea, beyond the bay. The hint of melancholy in Boulier’s piano is underpinned by dapples of synth and gauzy electronics, as on the stunning ‘Arcane Septime’. His playing here has a particularly late-night, moonlit jazz feel reminiscent briefly of (‘60s Brit-Jazz hero) Stan Tracey on his utterly beguiling ‘Starless and Bible Black’.

The album continues to flow in a sometimes slightly sinister, often highly evocative manner with references to the past — ‘40s noir and the golden age of (silent) cinema being some obvious reference points — but that may be just my ears tuning into the romanticisms keyed into herein. I keep picturing well-heeled gents courting women in bustle dresses as they promenade amongst hedges of leylandii in gardens designed by Capability Brown. At the very least, these are some properly cinematic sounds.



The design aesthetic, as ever with TRS, matches the mood of the music and pays homage to the tail end of the British, later European Arts and Crafts movement ; albeit in a decidedly architectural variant. There’s a particularly lavish box set this time with a building blueprint and bits of lavender inside, to make it all smell nice."






















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 Article du 19 juillet 2018 écrit par James Catchpole dans la revue musicale "Fluid radio - Experimental frequencies"








 « Instead of fitting into the glitzy era of vintage Hollywood and living it up en masse on LA’s sunset strip, A Film Not Yet Made has more of a European feel, descending upon the streets of Paris and using her boulevards and arrondissements as outdoor studios. French composer and pianist Julien Boulier films on location. No indulgent lifestyle. No Mulholland Drive. But musically, nothing is out of bounds.








 Thoughts appear like emerging notes, slowly populating the reel and imprinting themselves upon the filmy surface of the music. The recently-unloaded cameras are ready to record, pregnant with rolls of black film which will soon occupy the silver screen of the mind. Thoughts flitter like pages of an unfinished script caught in an immediate, anxious breeze, but the music relaxes, taking in an extra shot of whiskey just before a tricky scene begins, calming the nerves of stage fright in the process. The music follows the actress as she walks through the side-streets, meandering casually around recently excavated corners and narrow streets. In this film, the actress is both director and star. Between the shoots, the music reclines, as if it were on a prolonged smoking break, but its ambling narrative picks up again afterwards, its scent of mystery let loose in the Parisian air.








 The nine celluloid constructions bring a dream to life ; a magical realism hopping from screenplay to reality. Framed in black-and-white, these cinematic, classical pieces are spattered with screen tearing and the oblique rain of old cinema’s white noise. The nine breathy, atmospheric, and incredibly spacious pieces are encased in frames of music, sealed in a vault, never to see the light of day (quite literally, as sunlight will tarnish the film), where seconds freeze and the smartly-dressed actors walk and talk in half-speed.








 The notes live in a fairy-tale, but it’s just an illusion. They’re just actors, playing a role, filling a scene. Off camera, the music lives in the cold blue light of reality. A cold day in February.








 Dripping strings and uneasy chord progressions bring the mystique of Hollywood scoring to the film. A thriller / romance inside the trickling strings, like something from the 1958 classic ‘Vertigo’, even though the music defies a specific date. It could feature a stunning actress from the 1930’s, or it could be from 2018. The date has been lost. Electronic blips recall the old chill-out style that ascended to commercial popularity at the turn of the millennium, its free-flowing arpeggios encased in a block of ice. The mysterious sounds slink around, wandering the backstreets like out-of-focus shadows.








 Some people say that music can date, can age, but does it ever become stale ? The classical music of the past seems ageless ; to this day, it still has abundant life. A Film Not Yet Made is as fresh as a raindrop.








 That’s a wrap. »






 article du 30 juillet 2018 sur le site HeartFeel écrit par Chris Doherty Ingram  :


















 « I’ve been intrigued by fragrances lately, dabbling in the world of smells. At first I was compelled by the notion of a “signature scent”, of having something identifiable as me, some collection of aromas that would resonate with my individual character and presence. It’s been an interesting and ongoing journey, and whilst I’ve yet to find “the one”, I’ve been surprised that on multiple occasions I’ve discovered the reverse : scents constructed to evoke a sense of place and not person.








 These are not so much scent-memories as artistic fabrications of location, impressions and imaginings, approximations. One of my favourites, “Un Jardin Sur La Nil”, is a sweet, fruity, floral gift, a reflection of some cool Egyptian garden. It’s a fiction of course, an emulation leant to the wearer to transport them (and others) to the place of its design, rather than some exacting distillation of space.








 Boulier’s A Film Not Yet Made is a film soundtrack without a film, yet like those perfumes it elicits a response all the same, whisking the listener away into a fantasy world of cinematic loveliness. This is no signature scent, not an OST prescribed to a deliberate set of visual constraints, and that lifting of boundaries makes it an intriguing listen. One begins to imagine scenes of our own for the music, or find life events to suit the tone of these suggestive music-smells.








 The sweet delicacy of the piano in “Arcane Septime” sends me walking out in the streets of my home city on an Autumn afternoon for example. Its keystrokes dance and flutter like leaves on pavement, a faint wist in its tone as it prepares for Winter, a bite to the air. It’s quite at odds to precursory “Cordyline Deviant” whose violin strings and terse acoustic pluckings feel strained, like a fretful walk through the forest as sunset approaches : will I make it back to the car before dark ? Who knows, there’s pace and soft threat as a result.








There’s dreamy filmic mystery to mid-album “Acanthe Envol”, opening to the roar of a fading plane engine, jetting us off to some foreign and strange land. It fills its time with sweet arpeggiations, harp-like pickings reverberating out into the unknown alongside the croonings of some strange synth, this invitation of alienation into its core. Or how about the enigmatic unwindings of “Accord Etendu”, whose softly rumbling bass lines supplement the tragic piano sparsity above, like being taken on a tour through some tired old medieval home, time bleeding out of the walls and decrepit furniture.








Boulier proffers us cinematic music without visual limitation, and the resulting freedom felt is an unexpected blessing."








Article du 17 juillet 2018 à propos de mon album dans la revue musicale "Sonofmarketing unknown music pleasures" :














"Julien Boulier is a French composer and pianist. A Film Not Yet Made is the first full-length and it is out now via Time Release Sound. Nine tracks show the delicate touch of the sound and the minimal style. Full streaming is available via Bandcamp. Listen below." "related artists" qui sont proposés le 18 juillet 2018 : Dustin O’Halloran ("An empty space"), James Heather ("last minute change of heart"), Martyn Heyne ("Carry"), Ian Hawgood ("March of soul" and "Komaya", Danny Mulhern ("Libya"), Roberto Attanasio ("Abyss" official trailer + "run"), Francis McDonald ("Sarcophagus"), A Winged Victory For The Sullen






("Long may it sustain").








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 Colin Herrick : "Assembling the 3 page hand written scores for the upcoming Julien Boulier vinyl release...60 copies with oxbloodvred vinyl". 


 Les premières photos des collages à l’intérieur des albums vinyles :

 Préparation d’un album avec mes musiques qui sortira en Californie le dimanche 17 juin 2018 chez le label Time Released Sound limited edition : Vinyles et CD.


mastering réalisé et référencé à San Francisco ( Alameda) chez le label n5MD (Mike Cadoo) : http://37n122w.com/















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