There is something creepily familiar about the indie fantasy-horror film "Scarlet’s Witch". And, no, that is not just because much of the movie was shot in a scant 12 days around Kleman Plaza, the Florida State Law School, the FSU campus and the genuinely eerie Litchgate compound, just off High Road.

The weird familiarity comes from the way writer-director F.C. Rabbath takes an old fairy tale that has been done by everyone from the Brothers Grimm to Walt Disney and puts several contemporary riffs and twists on it.

Get a glimpse of the clever little “Witch” when The Tallahassee Film Festival and FAME present its East Coast premiere on Sunday afternoon at the IMAX Theatre, located on the film’s set of Kleman Plaza. “Scarlet’s Witch” had its U.S. premier in Los Angeles in early December.